With years of experience, we are able to create new boat cushions from scratch or using the original foam. We can also make repairs to existing cushions if there is a tear we can repair it for you. 

Fabric Detail


There is plenty of choice when it comes to material, fabric or vinyl.

Fabric will give a softer feel and should be used for the interior only, Vinyl is harder to the touch but better at weather proofing than fabrics, and is suitable for the cockpit.

Blue Edited.jpg


We use either blue, orange or chip foam for seating, blue for seating, a mix of blue and orange for sleeping and chip for a firm feeling seat.

Underlining Light Grey.jpg


We use underlining on our cushions, it is designed to provide breathability to the cushion and allow moisture to escape.


The underlining is mould and mildew resistant and is perfect to use when covering cushions in a non-perforated or breathable material.


Our Gallery

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