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Lining Replacement Service

Headlinings and sidelings which have started to droop or become damaged can affect your enjoyment of your boat. Often the older materials that are decomposing may also affect your health due the amount of airborne debris. Damaged or old linings will also affect the resale value of your boat.

Here at Trimnet we are one of the few marine trimmers who have the skills to replace your linings to the perfect original condition which you and your boat deserve.

There are sadly some makes and models of boats which suffer badly from headlining problems, such as Westerly yachts, rest assured though we have replaced many Westerly headlining and sidelinings and other popular brands.

We can even match original colours if you are looking for an as original finish, or use new highly technical materials to add a modern stylist finish. The modern linings and foam backed headlinings are now much more stable and have a long life meaning you won't have to worry about replacing your linings for many years to come.

Trimnet’s service offers a complete removal of old linings and complete replacement on your boat, so simply hand us the keys and a few weeks later you will return to your smart newly lined boat. We also offer a mail order service if all you have existing boards which simply need recovering. Contact us today to learn more!

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