With years of experience, we are able to create new boat cushions from scratch or using the original foam. We also can make repairs to existing cushions if there is a tear we can repair it for you. 


There are several material options for seating mainly fabric and vinyl. There are a lot of different fabrics and vinyl's to chose from we suggest the materials below, we have used these over the years and highly recommend them.


Getting the right foam is key, we recommend using blue foam for the seating to give a firm stability and comfort, while the back rests are made from an orange foam which softer for the back.

Then we add wadding for an extra layer of comfort and softness, followed by a covering of stockinette to aid removal of the cushion if you need to clean the covers.


We use underlining on our cushions, it is designed to provide breathability to the cushion and allow moisture to escape. The underlining is mould and mildew resistant and is perfect to use when covering cushions in a non-perforated or breathable material.


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