We have 20 years of experience repairing of boat covers, replacing windows, zips & general repairs.


Whether you are looking for repairs to a winter or summer cover or a helm cover, we are happy to help. 

Cover Repairs

Old and new window.jpeg
Cover Patch Repair.jpg

New Zips

Covers can shrink over time which puts stress on the zips, some times the stitching can break from the zip.

We can either re-attach the zip or replace the existing zip if its beyond saving.

New Windows

Over time the original windows fade, become yellow or tear in places.

We can replace these old windows with a new clear material, making the cover as good as new again.

General Repairs

If your cover has develop a hole or tear its best to patch the damaged area to protect the rest of the cover from further damage.

Some areas can be more affected than others, we can install a rubbing patch to minimise damage to the main cover.