Flooring 2

We offer 5 types of carpets mentioned below, the prices include cutting and binding from a supplied template or drawing.

Cut and Bound                                   Off the Roll

Mega - £30m2                                      Mega - £20m2 (min 4m width)

Wessex - £40m2                                  Wessex - £30m2 (min 4m width)

Primo - £50m2                                     Primo - £40m2 (min 4m width)

Teak Carpet - £120m2                        Teak Carpet - £87m2  (min 2m width)

Teak Matting - £80m2 (cut only)       Teak Matting - £63m2 (min 2m width)

You can also buy the carpet just off the roll, Minimum order of 1 linear metre.

Please use the contact us page to inquire.

We offer a few different services for flooring.

  • Send in your template and we will work out an estimate for you, if agreed we will make the flooring to your template.

  • You can buy the flooring from us and DIY.

  • If you are local to us we offer a template and fitting service, we make our own template and fit the flooring for you.