Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

This page helps explain what you need to know about how this website uses cookies and how to manage them if you wish to do so.

What Are Cookies?
Cookies are small files which store data on your computer. They help websites work better, more accurately and offer a more personalised experience.

How Do You Use Cookies?

Trimnet Ltd do not use cookies however we do use third party cookies supplied by google.

The third party cookies to store information about what pages people visit, how long they are on the site, how they got there and what they click on. These cookies do not collect or store users personal information (for example, names or addresses), so this information cannot be used to identify individuals, and this service is operated by Google Analytics. More information on the data they collect at

Trimnet Ltd have no control over these third party cookies.

How Do I Manage My Cookies?
Your Internet browser controls cookies and it will allow you to set which websites, if any, can use cookies.

Each browser works in a different way. To learn how to manage cookies for your Internet browser you can visit

We can assure you that there is no personal data shared in these cookies, that they are safe and that they improve your experience of using this website.

What Cookies Do You Use?
The following table shows the cookies that we use:

Cookie Name Issued By Expires Description
_utma Google Analytics 2 years This tracks the number of times you have visited this website, when your first visit was and when your last visit occurred.
_utmb Google Analytics 30 minutes This notes the time when you entered this website.
_utmc Google Analytics End of session This notes the time when you leave this website; assuming you have left he site if you do not view another page within 30 minutes.
_utmz Google Analytics 6 months This tracks which website you came from, what search engine you used, what link you clicked, what keywords were used and where the site was accessed from.

Where Can I Get More Information?
To learn more about cookies and how to manage them visit